Pierre Church

I live and pastor the Seventh-day Adventist Church here in Pierre, South Dakota.


Take a look at my video's either here on this site or on Youtube. 

Bowdle Church

I also pastor the Bowdle church here in South Dakota, and invite you check the out too!

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The Pierre and Bowdle Seventh-Day Adventist Churches in South Dakota invite you to join in our first Book Club. A place to encourage reading, and spiritual growth and depth. 

We start with: The Sonship of Christ by Ty Gibson. 

Available on Amazon for $20.99 in hardback, $9.99 on Kindle https://tinyurl.com/ac4a872w 

At the ABC for $20.99


Everyone is welcome to join in. We will have about 10 weeks to read the book, and then in the middle of June we will have a really good zoom session exploring the themes of this book, and the ideas we've come up with reading.

Bible Graphics!

I'm developing quick visual instant Bible Graphics. I'll be adding them as we go, and invite you to use them anywhere you can help people see God for who He is.

  • CLICK FOR - Things Jesus Didn't Say

    Shared in order

    to emphasize the things

    He did say. 

  • CLICK FOR - 

    Bible Monster Buts

    "But" is one of the most powerful words in the Bible, and we celebrate that here!

  • My Favorite Go To Bible Verses

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Life Update:

I was sitting at the table in the church conference room... discussing things around the congregation with the Elders here in Pierre. When all of a sudden the top of the room started spinning left, and the bottom of the room started spinning right. 

And I couldn't stop it. 

I decided I needed to go home, but as I stood up I realized I wasn't going to make it. I sat on a pew. Lay down on a pew. Lay down on the floor... other stuff kept happening until the ambulance arrived. 

Turns out after a bunch of tests that I had a pretty severe case of vertigo. I'm better now. But on a renewed quest to gain good health. I really hope too that it is not a repeat event!

For our Life Update Page:   CLICK HERE


From preaching in my churches, to going live on Youtube. Check out what I'm up to. 

LIVE: March 29 Revelation - 4th Church: Thyatira

LIVE: April 5 Revelation - 5th Church: Sardis

LIVE: April 12 Revelation - 6th Church: Philadelphia

REC: April 19 Revelation - 7th Church: Laodicea

LIVE: April 26 Revelation - Begin Chapter 4 - the Throne Room

Click to watch the - MIDWEEK BLESSING ~ Usually Live @ 8 PM Central Standard Time.