Merry Chrsitmas!

It was a quiet Christmas in the Chamberlin-Eastwood household this year. But sometimes quiet... and rejuvenation is a beautiful thing. 

But it also meat that the resolutions started early! So it's been the gym every morning this week. Which likely means that we'll need some more rejuvenation for New Years.

It's cold here too!

People keep contacting us from around here, and telling us to be patient... not to leave... and don't give up! 

Apparently this is cold for here too. The things is though, this is exactly what we thought it would be! Only, you can't practice feeling like -40! It is cold. But our home is warm, and we have each other, and it will be a Merry Christmas in our home! 

(It will also be a very white Christmas!)

Pierre Church in the very cold