Ended up in the Hospital

I was sitting at the table in the church conference room... discussing things around the congregation with the Elders here in Pierre. When all of a sudden the top of the room started spinning left, and the bottom of the room started spinning right. 

And I couldn't stop it. 

I decided I needed to go home, but as I stood up I realized I wasn't going to make it. I sat on a pew. Lay down on a pew. Lay down on the floor... other stuff kept happening until the ambulance arrived. 

Turns out after a bunch of tests that I had a pretty severe case of vertigo. I'm better now. But on a renewed quest to gain good health. I really hope too that it is not a repeat event!

A littlE trip for us . . .

Funny how life updates here seem to entail "going away". But last month Cindy and I visited Minneapolis for a little city fix. 

After 6 months here in the middle of South Dakota, I discovered that where the amenities are, so are all the people! We loved the restaurants, the shops and the sights. But oh the traffic - both vehicle and foot! 

While it was certainly nice to get away and do very little except eat and shop, we were certainly ready to come home and appreciate our hometown! 

January Pastors Meetings in Bismark

Last week I went to "Pastors Meetings." I work for a denomination, and they call us in to be encouraged, educated, and reminded of a policy or 2. 

This was my first one in this region, and Cindy and I really enjoyed attending and getting to know our new colleagues. Around our house we are both known for saying "Two are better than one" when it comes to tackling life. Perhaps the more the merrier (and we hope effective) when it comes to ministry too. 

It was a nice few days. 

Merry Chrsitmas!

It was a quiet Christmas in the Chamberlin-Eastwood household this year. But sometimes quiet... and rejuvenation is a beautiful thing. 

But it also meat that the resolutions started early! So it's been the gym every morning this week. Which likely means that we'll need some more rejuvenation for New Years.

It's cold here too!

People keep contacting us from around here, and telling us to be patient... not to leave... and don't give up! 

Apparently this is cold for here too. The things is though, this is exactly what we thought it would be! Only, you can't practice feeling like -40! It is cold. But our home is warm, and we have each other, and it will be a Merry Christmas in our home! 

(It will also be a very white Christmas!)

Pierre Church in the very cold