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  • Prairie Prayer

    Every now and then, after I'm done working and before I head to bed, I come on and just spend a little while in prayer with my on-line family. 

  • MIDWEEK BLESSING - Chapter 3's

    Coming in 2024, we will go through the whole Bible looking at each books chapter - if it has one! This is a fun way to cover the Bible while looking at it's overarching themes of salvation and our restoration to the Kingdom of God.

  • MIDWEEK BLESSING - Revelation (2023)

    Going through the book of Revelation. 3 introductions, then verse by verse. 

  • MIdweek BLessing - Original (2021/23)

    These are from when I first started live streaming... and it shows! But I go through the gospel of John, in preparation for Revelation.

  • StoryTime

    Going through the Bible - One story at a time. I just want our kids to know that God loves them very much. And that there are some pretty weird stories in the Bible - and worth paying attention to!