Online Sermon Outlines

In a small church, and been asked to preach this Sabbath?

I have sermon outlines here to help you do just that. they are in three categories:

  • Topical Sermons - about life, faith and how to live in today's world.
  • Exegetical sermons - these are where we just take any passage of scripture and preach on it. We let the verse determine the topic.
  • Beliefs - ideally this would be done more in a Bible study environment, but not everyone goes to a Bible study, so there are some sermon outlines on various Christian beliefs too. 

Feel free to use these to help you in anyway turn a preaching slot into a time people will hear the Word of God.

Coming Soon: Tips for Preaching: Planning, Preparing, Presenting, Post mortem.

how to fight evil.


  SCRIPTURE: I Corinthians 10:12, 13.

Theme: How do I fight against evil, in a world filled with evil, that’s out to destroy me? Yet, also in a world where God is stronger/smarter than the enemy.

Using sports metaphor and some Bible stories where people did not do this successfully, we use New Testament Scripture to show us how to respond to evil. 

When In Doubt

  Topical Sermon

  Scripture: Hebrews 13:1-6

Theme: Doubt seems to be part of faith. Not everything is crystal clear, and we have to search to find truth, reality and build confidence in our beliefs.

Sermon includes an introduction, a look at 3 Bible Characters that doubt, and some practical ideas from Hebrews on how to combat doubt. 


Romans 6:1-14

  exegetical SERMON

  Title: Don’t Let Sin Reign Over You

In Romans 5:20 Paul says - Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, - but Pauls realizes in our passage today, that some people might think that the more we sin, the greater Gods forgiveness - so let's keep sinning! This is not what Pauls wants us to know. 

So comb over this scripture to learn what Jesus might have mean when he said to people he healed

- Go and sin no more.

Click for the PDF Outline

The Scriptures

  Christian Belief SERMON

  SCRIPTURE: Psalm 119:105

In a series of sermons going through Christian Beliefs, we have one about the Bible. This sermon gives:

  • A couple introduction ideas
  • Looks at - The Origin, Authority, Inerrancy of Scripture.
  • Looks at the Transformative Power of the Bible
  • Gives a simple story to act as a conclusion. 

There is also a little more added info to help if you want to pump this sermon up a bit!


Here is an older, perhaps simpler version of the same subject. More work to do perhaps, but a different approach.